DIN 6921 Hex Flange Bolt From Hex Flange Bolt Tap Screw Lag Bolt Carriage Bolt Customized Hex Flange Washer Head Bolt DIN6921

Flange bolt: flange bolt by hexagonal head and flange (under the hexagon gasket and hexagon fixed one) and screw (with external thread cylinder) two parts of one of the bolt, need to be matched with the nut, used to fasten the connection of two through hole parts, so the bolt connection is a removable connection. Flange type: according to the different position of the flange bolt, the size of the plate requirements are not the same, and there are flat bottom and tooth points, with tooth anti-slip effect

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According to the force mode of connection, there are ordinary and reaming holes. Flange bolts for reaming holes are to be fitted to the dimensions of the holes and used when subjected to transverse forces. In addition, in order to meet the need of locking after installation, there are holes in the rod, which can make the bolt not loose when it is vibrated. Some flange bolts have no threaded smooth rod parts to do, called thin rod flange bolts. This flange bolt facilitates joint subjected to varying forces. Flange bolt is composed of hexagonal head and flange plate, its "support area and stress area word ratio" is greater than ordinary bolt, so this bolt can withstand higher preload, anti-loosening performance is also better, so it is widely used in automotive engines, heavy machinery and other products.   Handan Chang Lan Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. formerly Yongnian Tiexi Changhe fastener factory was large-scale standard fastener manufacturer in Yongnian District. The company is located in standard fastener distribution center of Hebei Yongnian, covering an area of 3,050 square meters, was close to Tianjin Port and Qingdao ports, export is very convinedtly. The company has multi position cold heading machine, model 12b, 14b, 16b, 24b, 30b, 33b; has hot forging machine, model has 200 tons, 280 tons, 500 tons, 800 tons;Has a variety of supporting equipment, including rolling machine, rolling machine, oil press, etc. for bolts, nuts, double stud bolts , foundation bolts and complete product testing equipment. With an experienced technical research and development team, high-quality management personnel and spacious production environment.
Product name Flange bolts
Brand CL
Product model M6-200
Surface treatment Black、galvanized、Hot dip galvanized
Material Carbon steel
Standard DIN、GB
About the material Our company can customize other different materials different specifications can be customized

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